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Even Batman didn’t work alone.

I deeply believe that to be able to develop and constantly move forward, you must surround yourself with fantastic people, with witch we can dream together, create and reach the stars. Here are some details about me and my team.


Filmmaker. Adventurous Storyteller. Love good music.

My wedding films are about the big things and the little details.

I am always there for the smiles, the tears, the sparkles in the eyes and the lips that anticipate the kiss of the loved ones.


Filmmaker & Editor. Pet Lover. Never missed a flight.

What will happen on that day will become eternal for you.

It’s the people who make the story, it’s you who are the most important people for me on the wedding day.


Photographer. Love Black & White. Favorite food: Chocolate.

Being able to create something that has such an impact and increasing value over time is a gift.

All my inspirations comes from people, my own believes and things that happened to me and them.


Photographer. Always wanted a dog, but somehow got a cat.

I want to connect with the people that invite me into their lives, and create some badass photos for them that will forever remind them of how they felt in those special moments.